In a city known for its vibrant music scene, West Seattle Summer Fest brings together some of the best local bands for three days of FREE, LIVE, OUTDOOR MUSIC. Thanks to Canna and Amazon for their support of this free live music for all. Without our sponsors, this would be a very quiet event!

2024 Summer Fest Lineup



3:00  Quid Quo
4:00  Bexley
5:00  Low Hums
6:00  Mikey Moo*
7:00  The Little Lies
8:00  La Fonda
9:00  Girl Trouble
10:00  The Long Winters

* Original lineup change: Mikey Moo performs, previously scheduled Angry Blackmen


11:00  Mode Music Showcase
12:00  School of Rock
2:00  Bouquets
3:00  Society of the Silver Cross
4:00  Frond
5:00  Johnny Nails
6:00  Chimurenga Renaissance
7:00  M. Krebs
8:00  Bowie/Rex & His Boogie Army
9:00  Walking Papers
10:00  Sonny & The Sunsets

West Side STAGE


4:00  Nathan Shafi
4:30  WSMA Camp Band
5:00  Fleabag
6:00  The Potholes


11:00  Maari Falsetto, group meditation and gong bath
12:00  Country Dave Harmonson
1:00  The Lost Highwaymen
2:00  Jay Cates
3:00  Self Doubt
4:00  Izzy ,Keira, Claire Popelka, Sky Skiena
5:00  Cheap Fun, Panic Grass
6:00  Batbox


10:00  Maari Falsetto group meditation and gong bath
11:00  Matt Benham and Bob Cerelli
12:00  The Potholes
1:00  Cellobration
2:00  Casey Freedom
3:00  Annie O'Neill w/ Jim and Beth Wulff

2024 Main Stage Sponsors