Join us in pioneering a greener future as we bring reusable drinkware, dishware, and serviceware to West Seattle Summer Fest 2024!

We’re super excited to team up with Seattle Public Utilities and Bold Reuse to bring reusable drinkware, dishware, and serviceware to Summer Fest this year!

Our goal? To make West Seattle's festival scene more sustainable by cutting down on single-use waste. Imagine how great it’ll feel to know you’re helping the environment while having a fantastic time with friends and family. 

By switching to reusables, we’re keeping thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills and giving a big high-five to our planet. Plus, it’s a huge win for reducing carbon emissions and saving water.

This is the first time a festival in the Seattle area is going all out with reusables on this scale! Let’s be the first to show other neighborhoods how it’s done. You’ll see clearly marked bins around the festival for returning your reusable items—just look for the signs that say, "Return reuse items here." And don’t worry, friendly volunteers will be around to help you sort everything into the right bins (garbage, recycling, compost, and reusables).

Bold Reuse will be close by to check, clean, and restock these items for vendors every day. It’s a team effort to keep things green and clean. 

This amazing initiative is brought to you by Reuse Seattle, a city-led partnership between Seattle Public Utilities and the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development. Since 2022, they've helped ditch over a million single-use cups, bowls, and plates. Let’s keep that momentum going!