Discover The NA Sommelier at West Seattle Summerfest

Who Is The NA Sommelier?

The NA Sommelier, founded and operated by Juanita Unger, offers a carefully curated selection of non-alcoholic adult beverages through a pop-up kiosk, a mobile non-alcoholic bar, and a wealth of information and resources on all things booze-free. Juanita’s mission is to help people discover delicious, complex, and enchanting flavor experiences, ensuring that everyone feels welcome to the party!

Her Story

Juanita has an extensive background in the hospitality industry in food and wine and considers a good drink one of life’s great pleasures. So a few years ago, when Juanita chose to stop drinking alcohol, she went on a quest to find non-alcoholic alternatives that were just as refined and complex as their alcoholic counterparts. Each discovery deepened her expertise in NA beverages, eventually leading to the creation of The NA Sommelier. Her dream is to create inclusive and joyous experiences, offering delicious non-alcoholic beverages that cater to every palate and preference.

Why She Does It

At The NA Sommelier, Juanita’s goal is to provide high-quality, non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. Whether someone chooses to abstain for a day, an afternoon, or a lifetime, they deserve access to flavorful, complex, and well-thought-out beverages. Her offerings allow people to moderate their alcohol intake or abstain entirely while still enjoying the moment and the joy of shared experiences.

What to Expect at West Seattle Summerfest

In the welcoming atmosphere of the beer gardens, festival-goers will have the chance to savor a diverse array of house-made mocktails like The Kava Key Lime Colada, functional mood-enhancing elixirs like Three Spirits Livener shot, and ready-to-drink offerings like Kin Euphorics and Upline Brewing Beer, the first functional beer in the United States. (Order a beer and receive a free beer cozy!) This inclusive setting invites everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences, to join in the festivities.

Come say hi to Juanita at West Seattle Summerfest’s first ever fully dry bar located inside the beer gardens! Alcohol drinkers, bring your friend who doesn’t drink to the beer gardens so you both can enjoy your ABV of choice under one “roof” while you jam out to live tunes. Juanita can’t wait to share her passion for NA beverages with you. Curious but not sure? Stop by the booth and Juanita will pour you a sample of something delicious.

Non Alcoholic Drink Menu for Summerfest


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