Join Stacey Sterling Ocean Painter for a Sea life painting exploration at Summer Fest

Stacey Sterling will be setting up a painting booth during the West Seattle Summer Festival, taking place on Friday 7/12, Saturday 7/13, and Sunday 7/14. She is looking for folks to help paint sea life murals. Everyone is welcome to take part in this adventure. You do not need any artistic experience as she will be guiding the way, and if you do have experience or are eager to learn something new, this is for you too.

Stacey encourages parents to come with their little ones. She will set you up with paints and brushes and you can do this fun activity together. The painting will be about the marine animals and sea life of the Pacific Northwest. With that being said, not only will this be a fun painting project, but a great learning experience to find out about some of the incredible beauty in the waters around West Seattle.

There are four sea-life murals in Mural Alley that were completed during West Seattle Summer Festivals 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. Over 100 community members participated in each piece. Please stop by Stacey’s booth on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to sign up to paint.

Mural alley is complete with walls full of beautiful murals so this year we are looking for a sponsor or sponsors interested in displaying the finished Art. This year the mural is a triptych which means separated into three pieces- 1 piece 4’x4’ and 2 pieces 2’x4’. They will look great hung together or individually. For more information, email Stacey

Festival Painting hours

  • Friday 1:30-5
  • Saturday 10:30-5
  • Sunday 10:30-1:30
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